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New Construction Monitoring
Ket's Home Inspections & Radon Specialist monitors new residential construction projects to ensure that homebuyers are getting the quality that they pay for.  As part of our construction monitoring services we visit designated construction sites on a weekly basis to ensure that all components are up to code, plan, and specifications.
The benifits of this are two-fold:
It is easier to spot potential trouble spots while a building is in the process of being built rather than after it has been completed.  This means that the inspection is more thorough and more likely to catch problems in need of remediation than if the inspection was done after completion.
It is easier to correct identified problems if they are identified early rather than later in the construction process.  This means fewer headaches and lower costs in getting identified problems corrected before construction is complete.
This approach to oversight of residential construction projects results in a final product that is of superior quality and at a lower cost to the homebuyer and to the homebuilder.  It's a win, win, win, situation.
New Construction Monitoring Pricing
Up to 3,000 sq.ft.  $1,500.00
Over 3,000 sq.ft.   $1,700.00
Pre Dry wall Inspection $400.00
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